Ruls of the FinEx company

The Golden ruls of the FinEx company

The rule 1:

The employees of FinEx company help to their clients by professional advice in all matters, concerning the accounting, tax accounting, estimation and training.

The rule 2:

The duties of FinEx company employees are - polite, correct and constant contact with their clients.

The rule 3:

The employees of FinEx company serve their clients in frames of guarantee.

Six secrets of success.

1. To do all in time.
2. To not speak anything superfluous.
3. To be a benevolent to the people.
4. To put on according to the situation.
5. Precisely and competently to state the ideas.
6. To think about others, and not just about yourself.

The laws on which we live.

1. The law of mutual respect.
2. The law of mutual aid.
3. The law of an exact time.
4. The law of a honourable man.
5. The law of the responsibility one after another.
6. The law of friendship.
7. The law of democracy.
8. The law of a good man.
9. The law of the right hand.