"FinEx" company offering it's own benefits:

      Principal activities:


  • Audit of the financial reporting of managing subjects, in sured and reinsured organization.


  • Translation on ISO.
  • Consulting the questions about bookkeeping.
  • Organization, restoration and conducting book keeping.
  • Drawing up financial and statistical reporting.
  • Development of registration politics of the company.
  • Rendering assistance in formulation of the balance during of reorganization of the legal person (in case of a merge, separation from structure, liquidations etc.).
  • Recommendation for accounting automation, training for computer accounting.


  • Audit management account.
  • Monitoring (analysis of financial and economic activities).
  • Development business - plan.
  • Formation steady-state reporting and others.


  • Organization, restoration and conducting the industrial account.
  • Consultations on the industrial account.
  • Consultations on the industrial account.
  • Audit of expenses on manufacture and calculation of the production cost prices.


  • Consultations on tax politics, operating in Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Audit of the tax account - managing subjects, banks.
  • Tax planing, filing tax declarations.
  • Solving issues, arising with tax bodies.

      What does audit give?

      To the companies:

  • New investments.
  • Prestige.

      To the chief (owner):

  • True.
  • Reliable data about financial and economic activity of the company.
  • Opportunity to estimate correctly the efficiency of organization's activities.
  • Opportunity to build strategy in development of the company, based on the reliable information

      To the bookkeeper:

  • Revealing of misleading financial reporting and other documents to the legislation.
  • Condition status of accounts with the budget in all kinds of the taxes.
  • Detection of mistakes in accounts.
  • Correction of mistakes.
  • Correct direction in accounts.
  • Confirmation of standardized work.
  • Knowledge of latest legislative information.
  • Consultations.

      The circuit of a traditional mistake:

Incorrectly calculated income Incorrect charge of the tax fully paid or overpaid to the budget Payment of penults (or source availability of unjustifiable losses).

      Possible consequences:

  • "Sadden" unprofitability.
  • Incorrectly chosen strategy, on base the deformed information on the incomes.
  • Multimillion penalties.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Some mistake in calculation of the enterprise's income happens rather often. Consequently, "incorrect" income is charged by the "Incorrect" tax (which is lower than in the law), this can be found by the tax bodies at any time, and who see the case of intentional non-payment
    Taxes. On the other hand, organization can not only underpay taxes, but also overpay them, which is not less dangerous tendency for the company. Supporting inaccurate data, the head can chouse incorrect strategy, or even worse, not even know, that his firm is actually unprofitable

     What it is necessary to know about working with auditor?

  • About his qualification.
  • About his work experience.
  • About the concrete projects and clients.

     And also about, that

  • cost of work of audit companies should depend on amount of working hours during the audit. It depends on volume of document circulation, which customer plans to audit.
  • cost of work of audit companies should depend on volume of the proceeds. As at very large volume of the proceeds, there can be very small volume of document circulation.
  • the contract must be made, in which each of the parties will bear responsibility: the customer- for giving information, and executor- for its possible mistakes.
  • it is desirable to give detailed intermediate report besides short audit reports, revealed actual situation of the company's businesses.